If you’re in search of the best shaving experience London has to offer, you have landed in the right place.




If you are happy with the style and shape of your beard, but it requires a little servicing due to scraggly hairs, this is the service for you. At Bolatti, our beard trim will have you looking more stylish and clean in an instant.

As we trim your beard and moustache, feel free to ask us about maintenance advice. Not only is our team experts in cutting beards, but they are also full of knowledge about how to take care of facial hair. 




Not comfortable with the current style of your beard? Not confident to change it yourself? If so, we can provide a helping hand with your male grooming. With the use of scissors and clippers, we can remove any unwanted areas of your beard. We also present a dry shave, which is a close cut shave done with clippers. 

If requested, we’ll moisturise and massage your beard. As one of the leading mens shaving shops features, we always go above and beyond for our customers.




For a wet shave experience London style, Bolatti has you covered.

The process begins by using cream and moisturisers to soften the skin. A hot towel is then employed. Now we use our cut throat razor for a traditional shave. Once the beard is removed, cologne is gently applied to firm the skin. This is followed up by a final round of moisturising, massaging, and hot towel usage.

As one of the best wet shave barbers London possesses, you can be safe in the knowledge your face is in safe hands. Care and attention is a priority, and we always ensure our customers are perfectly comfortable before any shaving commences.


When it comes to shaving, our range of services isn’t just about the beard. Our attention to detail goes beyond and towards eyebrows, ears, and the nose. Along with eyebrow trimming, we will remove nose and ear hairs. The latter is done the traditional way with fire.  

If you want more details about our traditional techniques and why we use them, make sure to read through our blog.




If your facial hair is in need of treatment, do not hesitate to get in touch today. Other mens beard grooming choices struggle to match the expertise, attention to detail, knowledge, and services we offer. Combined with a friendly approach and competitive prices, and there’s no reason to look for another barber in the capital.

Due to our three locations across Fenchurch, Cornhill Street, and Cutler Street, we are also a convenient choice for your men's grooming salon needs. Simply locate the barbershop closest to you, pop by, or book an appointment by getting in touch.