At Bolatti, we take male grooming to the next level. From the freshest haircuts to traditional hair singeing, our range of grooming services ensures our customers look and feel their best.

When browsing male grooming London options, you want a place that focuses on quality and service. Bolatti understands this viewpoint. With years of experience and the use of traditional methods, we have established ourselves among the best men's grooming London barber shops.

Our standing as one of the capital’s premier grooming salons is boosted by the variety of services we offer.




We know the importance of hair. An attractive cut not only helps instil confidence, but the people around you will also have a greater appreciation for your appearance. We also realise that hair comes in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you wish to have a classic crew cut or a Peaky Blinders-inspired undercut, no other barbers in London Bridge matches the knowledge and skills we possess.

Furthermore, we take great pride in our work. Tell (or show) us what hairstyle you desire, and we’ll recreate it with immaculate attention to detail. We also offer tips and recommendations if you’re unsure about what style works best for your face shape.




Beards have never been more popular. Yet as a consequence, we are also seeing a larger number of untamed and ugly beards.

With our beard trim service, we are here to prevent any off-putting looks and instead transform them into stylish creations. As a men's grooming London specialist, you can rest assured your beard and moustache will appear fresher than ever.

Whether it’s a simple trim or complete style change, our expert hands will shape your beard into a fashionable one and create a positive shaving experience in the process.




Male grooming isn’t only about your hair and beard. There are other treatments necessary to leave your face in pristine condition. Opposite to London Bridge men's hairdressers who only focus on haircuts, we go the extra mile.

For instance, if your eyebrows are beginning to lose control, we can provide a trimming service to get them back into shape. The same can also be said if you have any nose hairs that are becoming a nuisance.

Unlike many other male grooming London City options, we truly go down the traditional route with our ear flame service. Only the most proficient and steady-handed groomers can use a flame to singe ear hairs, and that’s exactly the type of personnel you will find at Bolatti.




Along with the expertise and various services we feature, Bolatti is a popular men's grooming destination for one other reason: our friendliness. Once you walk through the door, you will be greeted with a smile from our barbers.

Due to our three locations across Fenchurch, Cornhill Street, and Cutler Street, we are also a convenient choice for your men's grooming salon needs. Simply locate the barbershop closest to you, pop by, or book an appointment by getting in touch.