Our aim at Bolatti can be summed up with one word: perfection. With every aspect of our business, we have an unwavering passion for delivering the best mens grooming service for our customers.

This approach is why we are one of the top mens barbers London has to offer. We feature expert barbers, all of which use traditional grooming methods that have been honed after years of diligent on-the-job experience. Yet despite our credentials and expertise, we still provide our services at an affordable price.

We currently have three shops located centrally in the capital. If you’re seeking barbers near London Bridge, we have got you covered. Plus with the barbers near Monument Underground Station, further afield customers can easily reach us. 

Why simply opt for a good barbers in London when you can visit the best?


Where to find us


Cornhill Street

Cutler Street





At Bolatti, we believe that we’re not just cutting hair; we’re helping to shape confidence.

Are you going to a job interview? Or maybe a first date? Perhaps you want to look good for a gym session? Whatever the case, feeling good about yourself can have a massive positive effect on your mindset. This can all begin by visiting us today.


Transform yourself, indulge yourself, experience the long forgotten artform of pampering, you get a wash, cut and style, eyebrows and nose trimmed, ears flamed and threading as required. You just won’t recognise yourself, be prepared to be the centre of attention!

A haircut that will have you showing your style. It’s essential to be well-groomed and presentable, pop-in to our grooming room and you can be sure you’ll leave ready for anything. This is a cut that’ll show you really are the ‘bizness’.

Our ultra close ‘razor lite’ shave will have your face looking and feeling smooth in the flash of a blade. This is a shave like no other. Relax while we soften your skin with moisturisers and cream, then a hot towel, followed by our traditional cut throat razor shave. We then gently add cologne to firm your skin, followed by more moisturiser, a hot towel and massage. Eyebrows, ears and nose are trimmed.

A close cut clipper shave by expert hands for a neat and stylish cut.

There’s nothing that looks so scruffy as an ungroomed face. Here we know how to make you still look ‘the style’, we’ll trim your beard and mustache, clean up any unwanted areas and trim your eyebrows, nose and flame your ears.

This is really the works, all our services rolled into one, carried out with finesse. A wash, cut and style, traditional cut throat razor shave, beard trim if you have one, hot towels, moisturising and massage. Eyebrows, ears and nose are trimmed too. You’ll leave our grooming rooms positively glowing and ready to face whatever the world brings your way.



Our services are what make Bolatti one of the top barbers in London.




If you desire a barbers central London experience that serves up quality along with a fair price, Bolatti’s is the choice for you. Pop by one of our shops today or get in touch if you have any questions.